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Jonathan Neale

McLaren Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week this week, we ran several talks and workshops with the aim of raising awareness of the prevalence of mental health problems, and to highlight the importance of finding the right support and looking after your wellbeing.

McLaren Group COO, Jonathan Neale had this to say:

“Real life is challenging. Few of us will travel through life without being ‘touched by fire’ in terms of things that happen to us directly or around us. I am reminded of the famous quote, ‘life is what happens when we are busy planning something else.’ In the same way that we go through life in periods of good physical health or occasional illness, it is also the case that we go through periods of good mental health and not-so-good mental health.

“Trying to maintain a sense of grounded balance and perspective is a lot easier in theory than in practice. As our late team doctor, and my good friend, Aki Hinsta used to say, the elements of success are a balance of good physical health, mental health, exercise, rest, social connection and a spiritual sense of self.

It doesn’t take much to knock the system out of balance. Mental health awareness and importance is a vitally important issue and something we should be aware of and support.”