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McLaren at Mobile World Congress

Nothing moves faster than mobile. It’s the technology industry’s biggest, most demanding platform, one to which we’re all connected day and night. If it’s on mobile, it matters.

So when McLaren was presented with the opportunity to speak at Mobile World Congress – an annual forum on mobile technologies and business trends – we used the opportunity to offer our unique perspective on the link between business direction and technological progression.

What were the key takeouts from our presentation?

Racing, as a discipline, is steeped in connected and mobile technology. They are integral to a team’s success, communicating huge swathes of information instantaneously to decision-makers often situated on the other side of the world.

The resulting insight guides business strategy at every level, from drawing board to pit-lane. Racing has thus become an exercise in pro-active validation, where decisions are pre-emptively qualified and validated through data.

But the integrity of this technical process is often dependent on dynamic, integrated, and collaborative partners. A well-configured technical partnership gives us the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge to realise the advantages that connected and mobile technologies present.

Indeed, Formula 1 is an unparalleled test-bed that encourages technology companies to develop, test, and refine their newest, most fringe concepts, with the resulting innovations often appropriated or repurposed to meet demand elsewhere. The drive to streamline processes, grow capacities, and diversify outputs is massively important to any organisation and perhaps nowhere else does this happen faster and with more immediate results than in Formula 1.

Lastly, in the broadest way, the technologies cultivated in Formula 1 help people better understand their world. McLaren’s mission to drive performance hinges on our ability to gather insight into physical and mechanical events and responses through our technical know-how and understanding.

With this within our grasp, McLaren is better able to serve people in numerous contexts, from health and wellbeing through mass transportation. Recent strategic partnerships with the likes of NTT Communications, Airgain, and Deloitte are testament to McLaren’s desire to bring value to people through more than just motorsport.

What’s next? Well, as with our Formula 1 car, we will continue to explore and push the boundaries. There is no frontier to new technology, it continues to advance and progress, and McLaren is eager to continue using mobile and connected technologies – not only to benefit our businesses, but also to raise the bar and help push society forwards.