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McLaren volunteers - Horsell

McLaren volunteers help improve Horsell Common for current and future generations

Around 30 volunteers from across McLaren came out in force recently to help the Horsell Common Preservation Society (HCPS) maintain the Commons that border the company’s main Woking campus.

Employees worked in teams alongside local residents to help clear birch and pine scrub to ensure the rich biodiversity of the Common’s flora and fauna was maintained and that employees (who now total over 4,000), visitors and local residents alike can all continue to enjoy the area.

The Commons border the McLaren Technology and Production Centres, and support important and protected areas that contain rare, ground nesting birds which only breed in the special conditions provided by the heathlands.

The volunteers are part of McLaren’s longstanding commitment to continuously improve the sustainability of its operations and support the local community.

Furthermore, many of the innovative technologies and techniques now being developed by McLaren will be vital to ensuring more sustainable mobility solutions in everything from cars to public transport.

The HCPS was founded in 1910 to manage the Common for the benefit of the local community and has owned the land outright since 1968.

HCPS owns and manages up to 1,000 acres of publicly accessible land which represents around 80% of the natural open space in the borough.

As well as Horsell Common, HCPS also owns the popular Heather Farm Wetland Centre which has been created from a former industrial site in collaboration with McLaren.

McLaren Park also forms part of the HCPS estate that is leased to McLaren for the company to manage as a public open space.

Mandeep Dhatt, Executive Director of Human Resources, McLaren Automotive, said:

“Today’s volunteers have demonstrated McLaren teamwork in action, not only among employees but working with our longstanding neighbours, the Horsell Common Preservation Society, who play such a vital role in the area.

“As a major local employer, McLaren is able to attract talent from all over the world to Woking and the attractiveness of our setting next to the Common is certainly a key plus point for many. As employees regularly take time to walk and enjoy the area, it’s great to be able to give something back and help maintain the area for future generations.”

Paul Rimmer, Estate Manager, Horsell Common Preservation Society, said:

“The Horsell Common Preservation Society and McLaren have enjoyed a successful relationship spanning over 20 years. Our strong relationship, which has produced amazing public and wildlife benefits, such as the development of McLaren Park and the Heather Farm Wetlands, are clear examples of how our collaboration has been so successful.

“This new volunteering initiative by McLaren employees to assist us with habitat management will make a significant contribution to the protection of our rare and vulnerable local wildlife”.