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Tim Murnane

Tim Murnane

Tim Murnane graduated with honours in law from the University of Southampton in 1982 and then completed his Solicitors’ Final Examination, again with honours, in 1983. Tim qualified as a solicitor in 1985 and in 2000 he completed a post graduate qualification from King’s College, London.

Tim went into private legal practice until 1987 but turned down an offer of private practice partnership to move into the commercial arena becoming in 1987 Company Solicitor for Hoover plc. He was later appointed as Company Secretary and also undertook that role for its very large final salary pension scheme.

In 1991, Tim joined TAG McLaren as Company Lawyer and founded the Group’s first in-house legal resource. In 2004, Tim was also appointed Company Secretary for McLaren Group Limited and when all of the McLaren companies were reunified in 2017, he became Group Legal Director and Company Secretary for McLaren Group.

Tim has been heavily involved in many of the transactions and events that have been milestones in the history of the Group.