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Environmental Policy

We recognise that we are operating in a world where many natural resources that our business relies on, such as fossil fuels, raw materials and water, are limited. Measuring and managing our environmental impact is not only important for the planet, it is also essential for the financial sustainability of our supply chain and business.

Our environmental policy outlines our commitment to protect against the long term critical depletion of natural resources and lasting damage to species, habitats, biodiversity and climate.

Of particular focus is our commitment to:

Manage our energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Establish effective resource utilisation
Manage waste and recycling practices
Maintain control over our transportation and logistics operations


As part of our drive and ambition for professionalism in all areas of our work the environmental commitments sit integrated with many aspects of our day to day work and specifically alongside our prime commitment to Health and Safety.

This Environmental Policy Statement commits the McLaren group of Companies:

• Preventing and reducing pollution, including a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2.5% year on year, and zero waste to landfill.
• Fulfilling all applicable regulatory and other obligations in terms of environmental protection as our bare minimum level of performance.
• Compliance with all permits issued under Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control legislation.
• Encouraging employee contributions, views, involvement and dialogue in all environmental matters. We will provide suitable training and support to all employees in relation to this policy, giving them ownership and pride in achieving our objectives and goals and recognising contribution as part of a fulfilling career at McLaren.
• Ensuring that stakeholders in our business are aware of our Environmental Policy and that the policy and standards are promoted to our suppliers, partners and customers, encouraging others to implement environmental management measures in their own businesses.
• Embedding the principles of ‘best performance’ (health and safety, quality and environmental concerns) to our design, development, manufacturing and operational processes at MTC, track side and in transport logistics.
• Manage water in a way that conserves this scarce resource by minimising unnecessary water consumption.
• Periodically evaluate our activities to identify significant environmental concerns and put in place management action plans.
• Manage our land holdings to promote biodiversity and conserve the natural environment.


Jonathan Neale
Chief Operating Officer, McLaren Group Limited
January 2021